Slice of life

When you see someone being happy, sad, or angry, it is only the snapshot of their life. Reacting to those (negative) emotions are like reviewing the movie by looking at a single frame.

But for yourself, remind yourself that most people only remember that first frame you've shown them, whether it was you being happy or sad.

Another Life Quote

It took me too long to understand that lots of people show you how they're feeling right now, and not how you deserve to see them. Now when someone's pissed off and won't talk to me, I think "I bet it isn't me. I'll wait a day or three and see how they are then."

Financial crisis is a decrease in trust


Bank is an entity that makes profits on the mismatch of Lenders (deposits) and Borrowers (loans). A bank will match the cash in-flow to the cash-outflow and take the haircut as profits. If the borrowers are trustworthy then the collateral will be low (or zero) and so that amount of money can be used the get more resource (the for borrowers).

The event of mass defaults shook the banks and the lending system at the core, now each entity will demand more collateral and return, hence make the system much less efficient, which then results in decrease ability to produce goods and services.

In summary: Someone very rich misplaced the bet and went bankrupt, everybody is linked to that person, nobody wants to lend money (fear), economy grinds to a halt.

Rainbows End - 2010 Vision

Long Term thinking - decisions

When we decide something, should we choose base on our current values, or should we ask ourselves:

Will I regret doing/not doing this in my deathbed?

Given that no choices are going to kill or cripple us, I think we should ask this question as often as possible.