Day 16

When will the computer do exactly what we think? We should be trying to find the natural user interface instead of typing in keyboard and using mouse to navigate.

Day 15

Coding All Day.

Day 14

Tired. Rest.

Day 13

more than half of my day, I sit in front of the computer. I think I'm getting too attached to it. When you started naming them, you know you went too far.

Day 12

I think right now my health is at the worst point in my life. My eyes hurt a lot these days. My legs don't work as it should. I am fat fat fat. I also have digestion problem (but since I was a child.)

Maybe I should take a nice, long break.

Day 11

KOTOR2 doesn't live up to KOTOR1's great storyline. I feel it was just mediocre..

Day 10


Day 9

Life is like a box of black chocolate, you never know what you will get. When you first ate it, it was very bitter, but later on you will learn to love the taste...

Day 8

I have a gift at one thing, but I try so hard to be good at others.

Day 7

A dust in my keyboard reminds me that everything needs rejuvenation.

Day 6

If you try to please everyone, you end up hurting everyone in the process.

Day 5

Every decision you made will either --

1. take you closer to the goal, or
2. take you away from it.

Always choose with the goal in mind.

Day 4

Opposable thumbs...

Day 3

My eyes really hurt today.

Day 2

Every Sunday, I enjoy looking at these Fresh, Secretive, and witty Postcards.
And that's my little secret.

Day 1

Where has all my time gone? think think.