Earthquake hit Asia,Tsunami Aftershock, 10,000+ died already...

Yesterday was a very sad day for Asian, we have lost many of our friends...

We Will Miss You, .....

The most famous bittorrent sites went down and closed forever...

Thank you, sloncek and the team, for all the work you put in..

I used to check this site everyday, but now it's gone....

We will miss you, .....

How To Read A Book (or anything similar)

Use these 4 categories to analyse what you read

- Purpose of the book
- Main point = the gist
- Evidence = something that validates the main point
- application = examples

when I use these, I understand the book a lot better.

Hi,I'm back

Yes, I'm back now.

First, the news:

New Book from Dr. Stephen Covey - The 8th Habit: From Effectiveness to Greatness

I'm a big fan of him, and I recommend every single one of his books!


Second, yes, I'm back from my vacation, and I'm writing again, but in a more loosely manner. (that is, not worrying much about grammar and stuff.)

Third, I'm having problem about the goals I have set myself to achieved. The cause is mainly, there are too many "seperated" goals, meaning that you can't group them together. Each one is important ( to me at least) and needs its own time span. I tried to map the goals with I time I have (10 years) but it won't fit.

Sometimes I feel like removing some of the goals but I can't because everyone of them is important to me. What should I do?

hmm crawl back into the corner and think...

maybe in the next post I will have some answers to this. until then..

The Future Of File Management

Hi, I'm promise...

Today I got into some ideas about the new way of organizing your files. I thought that the folder is an inefficient way of storing files and information. One reason for this is its categorial nature-- In your brain, You simply don't store things that way.

Instead, it's all about associations , one thing leads to another, and another --- and another. There's a concept behind this , called "keyword" , which I think the storage management in the future will be build around this concept.

And actually, this idea has already been recognized by Microsoft researchers,
Check out this video to see what I'm talking about!
(but remember: it's not the beautiful user interface you will see, it's the idea behind this that's important!)

I'd like to take a break.

- Computer's broke
- Got friend's project - slept 3 hour/day, 6 days straight
- financial planning - no time
- 3-4 books
- Japanese learning
- Goal

My life's a mess right now...

Forgive me for not writing anything at all in the past week. and also in October.

But if I'm in the mood, I will surely post something.

Till then (November), sorry for the lack of update!

Very Cool Poem!

This is called "Concrete poetry." (the poetry that paints pictures.)
It was Written By E.E. Cummings, entitled "1".

Image Hosted by

More explanation of the poem, Here.

The Book blows me away!

The Book, Basic Economics by Thomas Sowell, is now listed in my 20 most favorite books of all time Hall of Fame.

Man, this is the second "text"book that read just like a novel. Most impressive.

At first sight (literally), I didn't like it much because, flipping through it, I found no picture at all and I hate that. I dislike any picture-less book. But after carefully reading it, it was shock full of amazing example! I know much more economics after reading this book for 1 day than sitting through an entire engineering economy class for 1 term.

Amazon. com Review here:

What is astounding about Sowell is how his mind appears to be free of the constraints of time, culture and borders. To him the world is one timeless and seamless swirl that is relatively ordered and predictable when you apply the principles of supply and demand. Every thought is supported with a cascade of facts and such impenetrable logic that it can hurt your head. He can speak on virtually any topic with resounding authority. At one moment he can discuss the northern migration of the present day Ibo of Nigeria, shift to the Roman occupation of Britain, then describe the effects of the Gulf Stream on Northern Europe's climate, and then explain how the volume of water in the African Zaire river impacts the region's cultural growth. He does this with amazing fluidity and ease. If the mark of genius is the ability to simplify complex information then Sowell easily stands as one of America's greatest thinkers.

Whose Line is it anyway?

The show where everything's made up and the points don't matters!

That's right.."The points are just like parking tickets!"

Brilliant, Bloody Brilliant. I consider this one of the great achievement of mankind.

Never seen the show? Try Here. More Info on the show? Right Here.

New Economy.

What, do you think, is the scarcest resource?


Money? Lovers?

Nope, it's time.

You will feel that you will have less and less time when you grow older, Partly because somebody or something else would take your time away... and away it goes, you can't resist that.

To make it worse, you can't have more time, no matter what you do. You can't just find some "Time" underground and harvest it.

So, What should we(I) do?

The most logical answer is to manage it wisely. How then? As of now, my strategy mainly consists of defining you goal (what do you want to do, and why?) and prioritize them by how important they are.

The rest is execution, which I'm not doing too well right now...

Detour (from goal)

Originally, I designed my goal with an initial assumption that "Everything I do will contribute directly to my goal." In other words, I will choose to do the only things that the goal has setted.

Not possible.

This time, project crops up by itself -- my friend has asked me to write a program for him. I owes him a lot, so I can't turn down his request.

Unfortunately it is a very difficult project.

The difficult largely lies in how much time and energy I have left after work. I can say that I don't have much left...

To do this project on time, I must sacrified some or all of my free time. Hopefully this doesn't effect this blog.

enough rant, enough learnt for today, simpleblob::out.

Bought 3 Books

- The Design Of Everyday Things
- The Real Warren Buffet
- Basic Economics : A Citizen's Guide to the Economy

Must've taken about 1 month to digest...yummy!

Lesson Learned today..

To be Humble is a great thing, although it requires so much self-control.

To boast is trying to show that you are superior, but this actually reveal how inferior you are.

and I've made that mistake..

Another Great Game I found

It's Prince of Persia: sand of time!

- Beautiful 3D character, and environment
- Fast, Exciting Action
- Required very low spec
- Also use brain, not reflex
- Hell, When I say fun, it actually is !

::OffToPlay( HOUR_TODAY = 2 ) ;

MessageBox(" Blog finished !") ;

ps. very funny protest sign!(warning: geeky.)

Reading fallacy.

I love reading. Absolutely.

It began when I was young, by my family's encouragement. I thought being a bookworm was very cool. (still is, especially if you read heavy, difficult textbooks.)

Then, when elementry story-telling books didn't satisfied me anymore ( I stopped being the center of attention) , I moved to english novels. Easy ones at first, then to my father's hard ones.
Later at highschool, I began to read physics textbooks. Every kinds of textbook, actually. Surprisingly, my grade didn't sour. never the less, it was in a good range. ( about A- ) I expected that College was where my genius would really shine. ( assumption: the more you read = the smarter you are)

As a result, my overall grade dropped to C+.

And then fast-forward to the present day, I finished College, got my first job , and now just realised...

That all I do is read.

What's severely needed to combine with reading is... thinking.
And it became clear to me what a fool I was, believing that I was so smart, a genius.

Now, I feel humbled. Strangely, it felt much better being a fool, because you don't have to show others how smart you are.

Yes, from now on, Read and Think.

Or at least Think, simpleblob.

Oh my god! I skipped yesterday.

Reason? Went to dinner (plus some thing extra) with my boss + friends.

Yes, it was loads of fun, but after arrived home at 2.30 a.m. I slept like a log.

There was something I intended to write, actually, but I forgot them all...


So, About today,...
It's as boring as ever because I already finished my assignment a week ago.

Some may say, that's actually a good thing! no work to stress you out! Yes, that's true, if you don't have to sit in the cubicle all day long.

Fortunately, now I can bring some books to read at the office.

hmm.....that's about it, no witty comment here.



Other people. not you. me. <> you. they. he. she. it.

I have had an interesting idea this evening.
What if all human in this world is you?

I mean, like twins, but closer. they're like...yourself. Imagine that now..

Would you treat them all differently now? I would, I definitely would treat myself..much more nicely.

That was the concept that made my day.

It was strange...My shyness has gone, because.... everyone is me. Oh, and I am no longer afraid to speak to stranger.

Weird but good. Good but Weird.

That's my normal day.

It's been 2 days..

which I forgot to update this blog. Man, it is hard to write anything down when you're so so tired.

This is all...I can't think of anything good enough to write, hope that tomorrow is better than this.

Old times.

Have you ever found joy in remembering or talking about the old days?

I believe everyone has.

I love to watch the same movie again and again to relive the experience. And Old games!--Oh...I have so much more fun playing them the second time.

Why am I writing about this?
'Cause I'm playing Day of the Tentacle!

Hypothesis on unnatural phenomenon.

The story:

I was sitting at the cafeteria eating. There was a women sitting with her boyfriend at the next table. I gazed at her casually and suddenly noticed something very strange....

( gazing......hmmm....very short skirt...interesting.....woah! )

she was wearing Men's underwear !
Rosso beneath a short skirt is something you won't see everyday..

so, the question is, what is the reason behind this?

A. She's plain crazy. or a lesbian. or both.
B. They had some very wild orgy last night.
C. Men's underwear has superior ventilation system -- ( let it all hang out ! )

I vote C. What about you?

On lack of updating..

I have done some calculations today. I have (in average) 4 hours as my freetime in a workday. 1 hour is quality time with my girlfriend. 1 hour for my daily routine. 1 hour for my daily contemplation and future planning. last 1 hour to play game..( a lot of them) .

The task of writing update to this blog falls into 1 hour of daily routine. Yes, I hope to write it everyday to improve my english writing prose, yet at times I found it very hard to write anything down.

To sum it up, I have 15 minutes to update the blog. I mean, the complete ,revised ,well-thought content too. Am I dreaming to high? or is it achievable through practices?

It's reasonable enough to give this a try.

p.s. maybe I have to think what to write during the day, that'll surely save time!

drink drank drunk

buffered C by Blackmore is the only way out.....from total hangover....

brain dead

Experiencing Date - 30/07/2004

Cause - Listening and trying to Figure out the requirements of the customer. For too long.

Cure - 2 Bottles of fresh water, an internet, and MSN messenger.

Result - Partly cured. The symptom seems to be recurrent.

Suggestion - Music and Games, 2 Hours of dose (Daily).


Have you ever stop and just listen? You could do it at the trainstation, your home, your workplace, or even at the toilet.   I mean really listen to everything. You might be surprised by the number of things you heard.

Today at the station, I heard people talk to each other, the footstep, the sound of the train itself, and the driver's annoucement.  It's a lot of fun to distinguish all the noises that your ears pick up and then to concentrate on the important one -- like people's conversation.

On the other hand, if you wear headphones, you will get the feeling that you're in some kind of movies, and the music is playing in the background. You will begin to use your eyes more than your ears.  And you will notice something differently.

Try it. It's fun and educational.

I'm scared!

From the last two months, my life has been so great that I feel scare something bad would happen to me soon. It's been...too happy. I've never been happy for long. This is like I am pushing my luck or something. Weird Weird Weird..

I think the real cause is this -- before I got this job, I worried about my future a lot. I was sure that I must face a lot of obstacle before I got the job that I love. The lack of real obstacle has aluded me since.

...Anyhow ,after I correctly identify what the cause of this feeling came from, I wasn't so scared anymore. Life has been good to me afterall.

Ok ,See ya again when I can think of something to write...

Time Management Skill..

...I haven't got any. I've read 3 books dealing with the subject and I still did poorly.. oh well, maybe I put too much demand on myself, got to take it easy.

PS. I bought a new MP3 player -- Xenn, pretty cool if you ask me.


got a headache because of recursive SQL command , couldn't stand it after 8 hours so took 2 pills of parasetamol. Recovery seems imminent. now singing - Alfie (austin).


getting fat, trying to slim down with daily exercise.

Rambling On

I feel weird again. (this is normal for me).

Last month, I have been very depressive after finishing MCSD.NET course , mostly because I fear that no company would accept me (my grade is very poor -- 2.57).

Back to now, I have a salary, I really like my current job , I got a great girlfriend. Everyday I feel so happy. I feel very lucky.

I fear I would lose all this...

But I tell myself that it is illogical to deny changes. you can never just standing at the same place. You either move up or down, and that's depend on what you think is up and down.

For me, being closer to my goal is "up". "down" is quitting.

I don't plan to quit.

learning methodology

What is the best way to learn?

I believe the best way to learn is to do it. Do anything that you want to excel, and in time I will understand the underlying principle. Take language learning for example, how did everyone learn their first language? It's by being exposed to that language everyday, day after day..

Show me the money!

Got my first payroll slip today...Woo!
The money doesn't goes into my account till June 30 ,though.

Still thinking about the proper way to spend it...wacom anyone?

2 weeks and counting

Hi, Sorry for not updating so often as before. It's been about 2 weeks since my first day at a job. Well, I love my work, but it's a little bit tiring. You see, programming is typing + problem solving combined. So,There is only 2 dangers about this job -- a headache and carpal tunnel syndrome.

I would like to share with you some nifty quote I found today. Viktor Frankl, a famous Psychotherapist ,and survivor from the german concentration camps, has said the following,
Ultimately, man should not ask what the meaning of his life is, but rather he must recognize that it is he who is asked. In a word, each man is questioned by life; and he can only answer to life by answering for his own life; to life he can only respond by being responsible.
This quote give me a huge paradigm shift. My lifelong goal has changed.It's not what you want in life, it's the mission that only you can fulfill. Can you begin to see what would happen if everyone understand this? It'll worth more than 2000 years of technological revolution.

And so I added to my mission,
"To teach others the real meaning of life" .

A Little Update

Dunno what to write, so I just got an interesting link for you ->ATi PCI-Express Preview.

So sleepy...

5 hour of sleep is a torture for me. nowaday I need 8 hours of sleep to function normally. This is weird because when I was in school I only need 6 hours of sleep.

no link todaay...too tired...(got to talk with my girl)

Tired but fun!

My first day at work was spent installing Window 2000 server on NEC notebook and IBM desktop. The IBM one was easy, on the other hand, that NEC was a nightmare.

How can you get the notebook hardwares' drivers when it's stored unaccessibly in the "complete" system restore CD? I don't know, 'cause I can't.

It seems as if the makers don't want you to upgrade anything, just be happy of what you get. Yes, the one-click-then-we-set-it-all-for-you-CD is great for an average user. But can't they allow some options for the more advanced user?

Nevermind me, I just want to share the fun ..

oh, I just found an INSANELY HILARIOUS (or hilariously insane) link for today..

Humans and higher primates share approximately 97% of their DNA in common. Recent research in primate programming suggests computing is a task that most higher primates can easily perform. Visual Basic 6.0™ was the preferred IDE for the majority of experiment primate subjects.
Link of the day: Primate Programming(tm)Inc.

First time working..

I get a little bit excited because my first job is starting tomorrow. It remind me of my first day of school(kindergarten). I remembered that I didn't want to go and hid under the table with a stool as my front shield. It was an unnerving experience.

This probably happen to everyone when doing new,unfamiliar things. We tend to panic because it's our nature , or more precisely -- instinct.

I feel a little bit sad not having as much free time as before, but hey, I'm glad I got to do something I enjoy, and even get paid for that! Lucky me :)

Link of the day: Portrait Illustration Maker - Let's make an original icon!!

Best Comedy film...

I just saw "Austin Powers : Goldmember " tonight with my girlfriend. wow.

Yeah, Baby!

If you haven't seen it yet, then shame on you! This movie made me laugh so hard I couldn't eat dinner. Oh, and if you can watch it together with your girlfriend?-- it's priceless.

Link of the day: Minor Cosplay - weirdest cosplay(ers?) you'll ever see!

Back from Phuket.

Yes, I'm back.

No, I don't have any souveniors for you. But you might like some of these.

Maybe you'd like to know how the vacation went. Well.....I'll give it 7 out of 10. Refreshing, but not overly so. At least for now, I'm ready for my first job -- as a programmer! woohoo!
Link of the day: - seas of treasures for programmer, just dive in!

Daily Routine Phase #1

This is the daily routine I wish to establish

- Exercise (everyday except Sunday) (Phase #1)
- Writing (this blog) (Phase #1)
- Language Study (write/speak/read/listen for 1 hour or equivalent) (Phase #2)
- Drawing (at least 1 page/day or equivalent) (Phase #2)
- Music (Phase #3)

Each phase is about 2 weeks, and then I will move to the next phase, which means more things to do.

During every phase, I will experiment with the workload until I am satisfied with the result. So you can be sure that, almost all of the goal I have written above will either be added, modify, or completely changed.

I will record some results here on this blog if I have time...

- Exercise - Body-for-LIFE day 2/84 - aerobic 20 min (bike) - MaxHR=151, AvgHR=126
- Writing - done (hmm...maybe this line isn't needed.)

PS. I am going to Phuket for 3 days so the next blog will be on 4/6/2004..

Link of the day: Joel on Software - Blog about programming --funny, insightful, multilingual!

A Little Update ..

Sorry for not updating in the past 2 days. I was having such a great time with my girlfriend that I forgot to write. So, Here's this day's link...

Link of the day: it's Fargo, my favorite game journalist! is your friend!

Today I was checking out all those audio CDs package that is suppposed to help you learn the language better (In my case, Japanese), and There's so many publishers(brands?) to choose from.(The best one is, of course, Pimsleur's, but sadly Kinokuniya{book store} doesn't have it.)

After having searched helplessly for half an hour, I decided to go to nearby internet cafe and fired up's website.

I typed in the search box...

"search: 'learn japanese' ", too broad..
"search: 'learn japanese audio' " comes up..

From the seach result, I found a couple of publishers that I recognized.Yes! I immediately clicked on the links. Loads of reviews popped up.( because I clicked on like 5-6 places!)

I read them all, and after some careful thought, I chose the one that got the best reviews.

All of this took 20 minutes.

After that, I went in the book store again, pick the one I have chosen, proceed to the counter, paid for the package(25$), and went home happily.

What I want to tell you is that, if I didn't consult the reviews first, I would have chosen the cheapest one, and that would be a big mistake. I think the's reviewing system is very useful for the consumers. However, you should look out for false reviews that's written by the makers of the product themselves. Fortunately, they're quite easy to spot.

Well, I have nothing else to say now, except just try it out yourself and see if it works for you. Goodluck!

Link of the day: Build Your Own OS: Linux From Scratch

12 Weeks..

Today, I decide to join the Body-for-LIFE 12 weeks long program.

We’re paying you to get in to the best shape of your life! After just 4 weeks, you could win $10,000! And after finishing the full 12 weeks, you could win up to $100,000!

Read here if you want to know what it's all about. (I didn't sign up for 100,000$ though, just want to get healthy.)

Health Log:

12.02 Stationary Bicycling (20 min)(MaxHR = 124)(AvgHR = 116)

13.00 Push-Up (20)


Link of the day: - Does Size Matter? They say it does!
(But I don't believe them..)

Learning Japanese? you say?

After leaving my japanese skill to rust 6 months ago, I'm trying to pick it up again. This time I'm armed with Pimsleur's audio CDs ,and many textbooks I've collected.

I hope I could at least get to the intermediate level this time.
This is my Goal for learning Japanese:
1.I want to watch anime without subtitle!
2.I want to know what Hikaru Yutada is singing about!
3.I want to become a Japanese superstar! (*caution: harzardous dreamy mode ON*)

hmmm,do you think I can accomplish all these within 6 months? ...We will see..

Health Log:

3.15 Stationary Bicycling (20 min)(MaxHR = 131)(AvgHR = 120)


Link of the day: So You Want To Learn Japanese..


2 years ago, when I was creating my first website, you need GIF format for reducing picture size. But then today, I just found out that it was obsolete, and that PNG has taken its place. With the ability to reduce the file size twice as much compared to GIF's, I'm a true convert. Read more here.

Link of the day: ImageShack - image hosting for free! (up to 600k)

Sunday..I miss all the white fluffs...

The weather changed abruptly from yesterday (cool and cloudy). There is almost no cloud in sight, and all the dazzling light hurt my eye.

Maybe this is the reason I like raining days. The light is minimal so My eye doesn't hurt. Another reason is that it's so moist, cool, and so romantic. When it rains, I just love sitting behind a window and gazing out -- such a relaxing time.

But there's an exception, which is When I have to go out and it's storming! What can I say -- I hate getting wet (especially with all the mud). So, I usually stay at home in the raining season. Lonely? nahh...I stock all the games I want, play 8 hours straight daily, and become the happiest man in the world. Woot!

Health log:

8.00 Stretch


Link of the day: Pencil Carving - A rare but beautiful handicraft work.

Good morning...

At the moment, I'm here at CTT center studying programming, very sleepy. Slept at 1.30 am last night, Got up this morning at 8. 6 hours of dreamless sleep...

I'm so glad we can surf the internet here. I feel so limited if I cannot access the internet. It's like a giant library, where data is instantaneously reached, if you know how. Moreover, instant messenger such as MSN messenger offers many interesting features -- Audio conversation (like talking on the phone), webcam , application sharing, etc... I feel that when high-speed broadband reach every homes, a computer will evolve to become the main communication system.

Anywho, Good morning to you all, fellow citizen of the internet.

It works!

I can't believe this works. Yesterday I tried to make the message I posted at my blog to came up on my website automatically.After Searching ,and tweaking (and a little hacking), I finally got it to work!

For anyone that's having problem about this XML feeding business, Here's what I use:

1 unit of Atom.xml - What is it? Here.
1 lb. of magpie, the Atom parser in PHP.
1 stick of hack - whew..thank you,phocks.
1 can of coke - just a little thirsty now.
1 page of index.php - or any of *.php page.
And a cookbook.

...hmmm delicious...would you like to have some?

Health log

First health log:

10.00 stretch

10.30 push-up (15)(10)


Link of the day : CG talk - The Biggest CG artist community

ps. Testing atom feed again..

Test feed

This is a test for my site.I try to find out whether my atom.xml is pooped or not ,because CSS Formatting (on my website) is completely screwed by recent post.

Paint away!

My Paint BBS is usable now.
It's located Here.
And also,there's a nice tutorial Here in case you need help.

Finally it is 100% complete, my website that is.

It's now time to move on to other things, like downloading pr0n...well,I already have more than enough of those, actually! So then, I think my new project is going to be-----

Improving my health!

Since the last 4 years, my health has been deteriorating continously. Many factor has contributed to this, such as lost of sleep, unhealthy diet, and lack of exercises (I used to play basketball almost everyday).I also got a chronic symptom of Cygnus(--unbearable headache +plus+ throwing up). I feel myself getting weaker and weaker day by day..

I have promised to myself (to improve my health) many times. And every time I break down, stop doing exercise and lose control. Every time this happened, I felt very guilty.

Not this time.

I promise to you that I will start slow but keep pushing,and I will keep a log here of my progress. My goal is "To have excellent health, and consistently improve it further"
(and also to bulk up into Edward Norton in American History X )

Link of the day: - Great Japanese Artist community
*Oekaki = O(polite prefix) + eh(picture) + kaki(to draw)

My site is nearly done! part II

What's left to be done is only Here is my site,in its entirety...

Simpleblob 1
Simpleblob 2(mirror)

I'm quite tired today so forgive me for not posting much..logging out.

Link of the day: - Home of fine hypertext products (blog)

My site is nearly done!

Yessss it's cooked alright!(pun intended{so hot here}) I just got the phpBB forum.. Muhahahaaa I never know the evil power of the Forum Admin until now! yeahhhh~ (sadly My forum have no member yet...::cry::)

Ok,(composed myself). I know it's not that exciting to someone else, but for me, I'm really proud of what I accomplished here.Partly because it's my first real website (I don't count my geocities,because it's rather..unreal), and because I didn't have to pay a dime for hosting! (well,maybe I would later)

I would like to recommend you these free webhosts that let me host my site.They're good!
- - 75Mb Free Storage, SSI PHP CGI enabled, FTP access
- - 20 MB Free, PHP CGI enabled, FTP access, 1 MySQL DB, Cpanel, Fantastico
- - Free phpBB forums! I really dig this!

Link of the day: OMG!!! simpleblob's Forum?!?!

Treasure Island

That's right, today I went to see a college play named "Treasure Island" by Architecture design faculty.It's weird but it's a tradition of my college.The play is hosted annually and usually everyone in the faculty participate in some ways.Although the ticket is quite cheap,the performance is always spectacular.

Treasure Island is the story of 2 pirates --Captain Kidd and Captain Long John Silver.Silver had discovered a map that will leads to legendary treasure,but he messed up and Kidd got the map by accident,so Silver tried every way to get it back.It's a long story with a little twist at the end,but the most important thing wasn't the story---it's the joke.

Most jokes were jokes about the current news and politic (,and silly joke!).But there were some original ones (which are hilarious).All in all the play was a success. Everyone went home happily,with silly jokes and the play's souvenirs.

I got back home around almost midnight so I'm a bit sleepy right now.It's time to log-off I think.Will write again tomorrow...

Link of the day: - Everything you want to know but wouldn't dare!
Yeah,I have no idea what to write today.Heh,there's always something to write about,but it is in my opinion that the stories should also be interesting.Today I don't can't think of anything interesting.
On the other hand,good writers will write interesting stories,and great writers will make any story interesting. pity that I'm just plain bad writer.
There's also stories that's always interesting to everyone.And that is ---the private affair of other people.Those who love to gossip know this fact well.(but I won't tell you about my private life....yet)

So I will end today's post with this boring hahaha.I will make it up to you tomorrow!

Link of the day: eatpoo - Great Artist Community


Today is web designing day for me! Whole morning was spent pondering about what index.html would look like,and I'll tell you this,it's hard work.

First,I just couldn't make up my mind about the color choice(now happily orange-black-white- blue),and then I couldn't make up my mine about the menu,and finally, 3 more hours was spent figuring out how to work with Dreamweaver MX. heh..what a long(but fruitful)day.

Anyone still reading this might want to know where my homepage is,but I'm not going to tell you just yet.Lots of things still need to be worked out,so have patient!

Link of the day: engrish - misbehaved cousin of the now famous "english".

Daily doodling

Everyday I promise myself to do at least one drawing to improve my skill. Actually I prefer drawing digitally more than traditionally,although I don't have a tablet yet. (tablet is an electric pen and paper that you can use to connect to the computer {it works like a mouse,I think})
Currently, I use a mouse and a program called MSN handwriting to draw. MSN handwritingis a plugin for MSN messenger. it lets you draw directly into the message typing section and send it to your friends. more info at

here's my yesterday doodling...nice isn't it?

Image Hosted by

First post

Testing testing ahem... 123
quote here!