Changed World View

6 Years Old, Kindergarten:
Wheee! There so much to do and have fun in this world. I'm learning so fast!

10 Years Old, Elementary School:
Heh, this stuff is too easy, is there anything more to learn? I'm smart!

18 Years Old, High School:
Ohh, so many fields to go into, which one should I choose? I could learn all of these in 20 years anyway. I'm a genius!

22 Years Old, Finished Engineering Undergrads:
Man, All the subject in this fields... must have taken 30 years just to master them all. I'm not sure I can do this... it's boring... but I've got 150 IQ, that means I'm still a genius!

26 Years Old, Finished Master degree in Finance :
Wow... I don't think I could understand all of Finance even if I studied it all my life. Plus, I have found many people who are way smarter than me...

Future me, 2nd Master degree in CS: (hopefully)
This stuff is frigging deep! For all these years, I haven't even scratch the surface ... I'm such an arrogant idiot ! Hopefully I could master one subject in the field when I retired.

Make lots of things, pick best ones, show them, profit!

I just found this blog post through StackOverflow.
Essentially, it encourage you to produce a lot of things (says, photographs) and then choose only the best ones out of the rest, then you will be seen as a great photographer.

Very good philosophy. Also, you become better faster by producing lots of rubbish than concentrate on making the best one.
I just got a mail invite for StackOverFlow Beta Testing.

Basically, it's the website similar to Yahoo Answer/Metafilter, but specifically for software developer.

I tried it an hour ago and I was hooked! It has a Digg-like moderation system. You can Upvote/Downvote Questions and Answers. It also has a "reputation system" (slashdot karma?)
where if you contribute positively (insightful answers/question), you gain power to do more things -- like editing posts or even lock offensive posts.

I love the communities! Most helpful and insightful members I've ever seen. I guess it's a small beta so there are mostly veteran developer. I wonder if the post quality will go down when the site is open to public. I also wonder if there's any way to game the reputation system. haha.