Singapore all-age employment

I've intended to write this post a few weeks ago but completely forgotten about it.

I have visited Singapore a while back and had an interesting observation. It's about old people in Singapore. They're still working -- in their 80's and beyond. On menial job, which I think government reserved for old people.

I've specially experienced a strange but warming scene when I went in a local fastfood (near hotel) for a quick meal. I ordered a bowl of niku-don from a very young cashier. (probably 12-14 years old)
Then got served by a 25-something waiter. Then after a while, very old grandma came out from the back and went to stand at the front handling out discount flyers to teenagers. She is about 85 and has her back bent like a question mark.

First impression -- this is like a family business!

Second impression -- why doesn't grandma's son/daughter take care of her? Chinese has a culture of taking care of their parents.

From trying (and failing) to communicate with this grandma, I still found out that she likes this job. I still remembered her smile.

I tried to get every employees (12,25,85) to take a photo with me but they are too shy. Oh well.

That's it I think. No conclusion, no nothing. I just think it's a weird and want to share it.