Bought a new Graphic Card

After I the old card starting to act strange (rebooting several times), I rushed out and bought a new Radeon X1600 Pro for $130.

So Happy..

I Stop Counting

I think it's against the quality to forced me to blog everyday... but nevertheless, I will try to do so.

For today's news, my 2-years-old graphic card (Radeon 9100) seems to acting weird lately. Everytime I browse the net and use the mouse to scroll down the page, the card stopped working, making the screen turn black.

At first, restarting the machine made the problem went away, but only for a while. And the latest catalyst driver (6.5) didn't help at all.

It seems like the time to buy a new present for myself!

Day 56

You say it best... When you say nothing at all...

Day 55

I don't think I would ever see a flash site that is usable!

Day 54

Sometimes the work rushes you,
and sometimes you rush the work.

Day 53

Brazil will WIN the 2006 World Cup by beating Italy in the final game.

well..According to this...AI.

Day 52

Do older people write more than younger people
because they have something more (experiences) to write about?

Day 51

Leveling Up in Real Life...

Day 50

Start Programming (for Work) Again, hmm not fun as before, dunno why...

Day 49

Just watched "The Bourne Supremacy". This movie is so fast-paced I just feel the need to do everything faster.

Day 48

You definitely don't want to get stung by this.

"If a colony of about 30,000 European honeybees were to be attacked by 30 giant hornets, they would be wiped out in 3 hours. The hornets would enter the nest, kill the bees, and take their bodies home to their young. After a few successful trips, hornets rub a pheromone on the nest that signals other hornets to attack."

Day 47

Waking up early is more satisfying than sleeping late.

Day 46

Who is our friend?
Who is our enemy?

Day 45

Just came back from Country Trip.
It's so relaxing I don't want to go back to urban...