The Network Revolution

Yet another revolution, from industrial revolution, to computer revolution.

And yet..... this is real.

Even though the internet has completely transform our life up till now, we still haven't seen "the real McCoy" yet.

We still have a somewhat half-ass attempt at connecting everything together - be it servers, mobile phones, cars and other gadgets. We still haven't found/implement a good network model.

But things are a-changing.

First, we're transitioning from voice atm network to VOIP packet network, which make every transaction data now. What that means is we can use an economy of scale to serve every one very cheap connection. Almost, free. Imagine unlimited call for $1 a month.

Second, We'll tag every device with an IP address. Right now, we only use this for computer client/server. We will fill every slot in IPv4 (256*4bit address), so we're moving on to IPv6. (enough to label every human on earth millions of time over)
Each device now has a "name" of its own, and it can start chatting. your bed can tell your light bulb to turn on because you just wake up, for example. Huge, huge amount of possibility here.

Third, social change. Imagine that being "connected" to the internet is your birthright. You don't need a fast connection, just a basic 3Mb/s is enough. Government can set up a nationwide network, just like roads and streetlights, to enable you to connect all the time, 24 hours. And you carry with you a supersmartphone, which is actually a minicomputer by then. Imagine what it can do for you and what you can do with it.
In fact, Finland has done just that. I expect other countries to follow suit in the next 10 years.

All of this will take about 20 years at most, so a majority of us will be able to benefit from it.

The future is going to be a hella exciting.