brain dead

Experiencing Date - 30/07/2004

Cause - Listening and trying to Figure out the requirements of the customer. For too long.

Cure - 2 Bottles of fresh water, an internet, and MSN messenger.

Result - Partly cured. The symptom seems to be recurrent.

Suggestion - Music and Games, 2 Hours of dose (Daily).


Have you ever stop and just listen? You could do it at the trainstation, your home, your workplace, or even at the toilet.   I mean really listen to everything. You might be surprised by the number of things you heard.

Today at the station, I heard people talk to each other, the footstep, the sound of the train itself, and the driver's annoucement.  It's a lot of fun to distinguish all the noises that your ears pick up and then to concentrate on the important one -- like people's conversation.

On the other hand, if you wear headphones, you will get the feeling that you're in some kind of movies, and the music is playing in the background. You will begin to use your eyes more than your ears.  And you will notice something differently.

Try it. It's fun and educational.

I'm scared!

From the last two months, my life has been so great that I feel scare something bad would happen to me soon. It's been...too happy. I've never been happy for long. This is like I am pushing my luck or something. Weird Weird Weird..

I think the real cause is this -- before I got this job, I worried about my future a lot. I was sure that I must face a lot of obstacle before I got the job that I love. The lack of real obstacle has aluded me since.

...Anyhow ,after I correctly identify what the cause of this feeling came from, I wasn't so scared anymore. Life has been good to me afterall.

Ok ,See ya again when I can think of something to write...

Time Management Skill..

...I haven't got any. I've read 3 books dealing with the subject and I still did poorly.. oh well, maybe I put too much demand on myself, got to take it easy.

PS. I bought a new MP3 player -- Xenn, pretty cool if you ask me.


got a headache because of recursive SQL command , couldn't stand it after 8 hours so took 2 pills of parasetamol. Recovery seems imminent. now singing - Alfie (austin).


getting fat, trying to slim down with daily exercise.

Rambling On

I feel weird again. (this is normal for me).

Last month, I have been very depressive after finishing MCSD.NET course , mostly because I fear that no company would accept me (my grade is very poor -- 2.57).

Back to now, I have a salary, I really like my current job , I got a great girlfriend. Everyday I feel so happy. I feel very lucky.

I fear I would lose all this...

But I tell myself that it is illogical to deny changes. you can never just standing at the same place. You either move up or down, and that's depend on what you think is up and down.

For me, being closer to my goal is "up". "down" is quitting.

I don't plan to quit.