The day when the banks die..

Closing levels of S&P 500 Index :

Bottom of Dotcom bubble burst
October 9, 2002 ===========> 777

CNBC's Jim Cramer's "This is Armageddon!" call
August 6, 2007 ============> 1468

All-Time closing high
October 9, 2007 ===========> 1565

Close of Beijing Games
August 25, 2008 ========> 1266

Lehman Bros. collapses
September 16, 2008 =========> 1214

CNBC's Jim Cramer appears on "Today Show"
October 6, 2008 ==========> 1057

U.S. Federal elections
November 4, 2008 =========> 1005

New Year's Day
January 1, 2009 =========> 903

Chinese (Lunar) New Year's
January 26, 2009 =========> 836

Feb '09 options expiration
February 20, 2009 ===========> 770

U.S. banking nationalization?
February 23, 2009 =========> ???

Oh, and also -- BAC is toast.

Ray-traced real-time games

The link above showed QuakeWar rewrite to use raytracing instead of rasterization for graphics. Impressive, impressive feats. Although right now the power of high-end PC can only maintain about 20-30fps for this game, I believe that in 3 years -- 2012 -- we will see the first "commercially viable" ray-traced 3D games.

Need to save up money right now...

Recession, Depression - 2009

With Recent Global Economics Downturn, many people are strugging to find a job. (or keep their old jobs) Many, many bad news are floating around the internet, and I can't help thinking about recent/coming college graduates who will definitely have to face a toughest job market in 30 years.

But this is also the time and you can prove once and for all -- what you are made of.

Just to remind myself: I still have roof over my head!

Starcraft Matches on youtube

For anyone who likes playing starcraft, and enjoy watching those Korean progamers slugging each other, I want to recommend Cholera's Youtube Channel. He is Commentating these videos in English and I would say he is a very, very good. How good is he? I would watch any sports he want to commentate on.

my octopus test animation

Massively arms jiggling!