Good News is in (at least for me)!

Wow long time no update, right?

Actually I was waiting very patiently for my application result(s), and it just came in on the 2nd day of this month.

Ho Ho Ho.... Guess what? I got an early chrismas gift from University of Illinois.. (UIUC) Woohoo!

I finally decided I want to get a Master of Finance degree and UIUC is my top choice. (To tell you the truth, I haven't applied to other universities haha)

Although UIUC is on the 2nd tier (ranking #24-28), its Finance department has a lot of wonderful professors and its location is good in term of job prospect (near Chicago) --- so I am very very happy I got admitted.

On the other note, I just bought 2 domain names -- and Now you can type in those address and it will redirect you to this blog.

PS. Happy Holidays Everyone!