Very Cool Poem!

This is called "Concrete poetry." (the poetry that paints pictures.)
It was Written By E.E. Cummings, entitled "1".

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More explanation of the poem, Here.

The Book blows me away!

The Book, Basic Economics by Thomas Sowell, is now listed in my 20 most favorite books of all time Hall of Fame.

Man, this is the second "text"book that read just like a novel. Most impressive.

At first sight (literally), I didn't like it much because, flipping through it, I found no picture at all and I hate that. I dislike any picture-less book. But after carefully reading it, it was shock full of amazing example! I know much more economics after reading this book for 1 day than sitting through an entire engineering economy class for 1 term.

Amazon. com Review here:

What is astounding about Sowell is how his mind appears to be free of the constraints of time, culture and borders. To him the world is one timeless and seamless swirl that is relatively ordered and predictable when you apply the principles of supply and demand. Every thought is supported with a cascade of facts and such impenetrable logic that it can hurt your head. He can speak on virtually any topic with resounding authority. At one moment he can discuss the northern migration of the present day Ibo of Nigeria, shift to the Roman occupation of Britain, then describe the effects of the Gulf Stream on Northern Europe's climate, and then explain how the volume of water in the African Zaire river impacts the region's cultural growth. He does this with amazing fluidity and ease. If the mark of genius is the ability to simplify complex information then Sowell easily stands as one of America's greatest thinkers.

Whose Line is it anyway?

The show where everything's made up and the points don't matters!

That's right.."The points are just like parking tickets!"

Brilliant, Bloody Brilliant. I consider this one of the great achievement of mankind.

Never seen the show? Try Here. More Info on the show? Right Here.

New Economy.

What, do you think, is the scarcest resource?


Money? Lovers?

Nope, it's time.

You will feel that you will have less and less time when you grow older, Partly because somebody or something else would take your time away... and away it goes, you can't resist that.

To make it worse, you can't have more time, no matter what you do. You can't just find some "Time" underground and harvest it.

So, What should we(I) do?

The most logical answer is to manage it wisely. How then? As of now, my strategy mainly consists of defining you goal (what do you want to do, and why?) and prioritize them by how important they are.

The rest is execution, which I'm not doing too well right now...

Detour (from goal)

Originally, I designed my goal with an initial assumption that "Everything I do will contribute directly to my goal." In other words, I will choose to do the only things that the goal has setted.

Not possible.

This time, project crops up by itself -- my friend has asked me to write a program for him. I owes him a lot, so I can't turn down his request.

Unfortunately it is a very difficult project.

The difficult largely lies in how much time and energy I have left after work. I can say that I don't have much left...

To do this project on time, I must sacrified some or all of my free time. Hopefully this doesn't effect this blog.

enough rant, enough learnt for today, simpleblob::out.

Bought 3 Books

- The Design Of Everyday Things
- The Real Warren Buffet
- Basic Economics : A Citizen's Guide to the Economy

Must've taken about 1 month to digest...yummy!

Lesson Learned today..

To be Humble is a great thing, although it requires so much self-control.

To boast is trying to show that you are superior, but this actually reveal how inferior you are.

and I've made that mistake..

Another Great Game I found

It's Prince of Persia: sand of time!

- Beautiful 3D character, and environment
- Fast, Exciting Action
- Required very low spec
- Also use brain, not reflex
- Hell, When I say fun, it actually is !

::OffToPlay( HOUR_TODAY = 2 ) ;

MessageBox(" Blog finished !") ;

ps. very funny protest sign!(warning: geeky.)

Reading fallacy.

I love reading. Absolutely.

It began when I was young, by my family's encouragement. I thought being a bookworm was very cool. (still is, especially if you read heavy, difficult textbooks.)

Then, when elementry story-telling books didn't satisfied me anymore ( I stopped being the center of attention) , I moved to english novels. Easy ones at first, then to my father's hard ones.
Later at highschool, I began to read physics textbooks. Every kinds of textbook, actually. Surprisingly, my grade didn't sour. never the less, it was in a good range. ( about A- ) I expected that College was where my genius would really shine. ( assumption: the more you read = the smarter you are)

As a result, my overall grade dropped to C+.

And then fast-forward to the present day, I finished College, got my first job , and now just realised...

That all I do is read.

What's severely needed to combine with reading is... thinking.
And it became clear to me what a fool I was, believing that I was so smart, a genius.

Now, I feel humbled. Strangely, it felt much better being a fool, because you don't have to show others how smart you are.

Yes, from now on, Read and Think.

Or at least Think, simpleblob.

Oh my god! I skipped yesterday.

Reason? Went to dinner (plus some thing extra) with my boss + friends.

Yes, it was loads of fun, but after arrived home at 2.30 a.m. I slept like a log.

There was something I intended to write, actually, but I forgot them all...


So, About today,...
It's as boring as ever because I already finished my assignment a week ago.

Some may say, that's actually a good thing! no work to stress you out! Yes, that's true, if you don't have to sit in the cubicle all day long.

Fortunately, now I can bring some books to read at the office.

hmm.....that's about it, no witty comment here.



Other people. not you. me. <> you. they. he. she. it.

I have had an interesting idea this evening.
What if all human in this world is you?

I mean, like twins, but closer. they're like...yourself. Imagine that now..

Would you treat them all differently now? I would, I definitely would treat myself..much more nicely.

That was the concept that made my day.

It was strange...My shyness has gone, because.... everyone is me. Oh, and I am no longer afraid to speak to stranger.

Weird but good. Good but Weird.

That's my normal day.

It's been 2 days..

which I forgot to update this blog. Man, it is hard to write anything down when you're so so tired.

This is all...I can't think of anything good enough to write, hope that tomorrow is better than this.

Old times.

Have you ever found joy in remembering or talking about the old days?

I believe everyone has.

I love to watch the same movie again and again to relive the experience. And Old games!--Oh...I have so much more fun playing them the second time.

Why am I writing about this?
'Cause I'm playing Day of the Tentacle!

Hypothesis on unnatural phenomenon.

The story:

I was sitting at the cafeteria eating. There was a women sitting with her boyfriend at the next table. I gazed at her casually and suddenly noticed something very strange....

( gazing......hmmm....very short skirt...interesting.....woah! )

she was wearing Men's underwear !
Rosso beneath a short skirt is something you won't see everyday..

so, the question is, what is the reason behind this?

A. She's plain crazy. or a lesbian. or both.
B. They had some very wild orgy last night.
C. Men's underwear has superior ventilation system -- ( let it all hang out ! )

I vote C. What about you?

On lack of updating..

I have done some calculations today. I have (in average) 4 hours as my freetime in a workday. 1 hour is quality time with my girlfriend. 1 hour for my daily routine. 1 hour for my daily contemplation and future planning. last 1 hour to play game..( a lot of them) .

The task of writing update to this blog falls into 1 hour of daily routine. Yes, I hope to write it everyday to improve my english writing prose, yet at times I found it very hard to write anything down.

To sum it up, I have 15 minutes to update the blog. I mean, the complete ,revised ,well-thought content too. Am I dreaming to high? or is it achievable through practices?

It's reasonable enough to give this a try.

p.s. maybe I have to think what to write during the day, that'll surely save time!