My Blog-tag

Well, I got Blog-tagged from Memashow, so this is my response..

5 Things about me that people never know before:

1. I have Synesthesia (The Fusion of Senses):

It's the way my brain is wired. Mainly I see alphabets in colors -- any alphabet.
For example: the m in "me" is brown and e is poop-like. Yes I know it is all black.

I start notice it when I first learned A-Z. I asked my mother why A is "red" and she freaked out. (she thought something is wrong with my eyes)

2. I started learning English because I thought it would make me "cool":

Until this day, I still think the ability to converse in other languages is awesome. It should also helps with getting girls (or boys.) Speak French = Sexy!

My goal is speaking/writing fluently in 8 languages. Oh.. imagine the chicks you get! I will go set up a Harem now.

3. I bought a lot of books and never finished them:

My interest mostly waned after the 2nd chapter. I always feel guilty about this, but not much.

4. I survived getting hit by a car when I was very young:

Well... I dodged it, actually, by lying on the ground.

I was very young then. I was playing near the front yard of my neighbor's house and incidentally a car was going out from garage to the main road. the driver should have seen me, but back then I was so short (my head is lower than the hood), so he drove at me in full speed .

I turned around and saw the car coming toward me very fast. Amazing, I was shocked and falled backward, making my lying on the ground. The car literally went over me, but leaving me unharmed. Nevertheless, it's a long time before my family let me play on that yard again.

5. I have a natural red, brown, and occasionally gold hair:

Although my hair is mostly black, sometimes I found 1 or 2 strands that are in those color. I thought it was very cool.


Well, that's it. I hope you never know these before. If you do, then you must know me very well indeed.