Day 44

Are you tired in a strange way?

Day 43

Why are you blogging?
Do you blog because you want other people to read it,
or because you want to read it yourself?

I'm in the first category, but lately, I've had a wonderful experience from reading my past archive. I found a lot that I've forgotten -- such as this. I couldn't write like that anymore.

It teaches me. Thank you, myself.

Day 42

What would happen if the hot countries get cold, and the cold countries get hot?
Would people change?
Would building change?
Would you move to another country?

Day 41

I'm now Manga-Deprived. I've read all of my manga, and no new one has come out...
So tempting to buy a new story!

Day 40

I've finish main quest of Elder Scroll IV: Oblivion.
Comparing with Morrowind, it's so much shorter -- like a walk through a park VS going cross-country biking.

Anyway, I'm bored so I got a new game to play already.

It's...It's....It's....WOW! (World Of Warcraft)

My account has been frozen since I stopped playing a year ago.
Has they wiped my characters?

I revived my account with anticipation, and found that..
everything is still there!

Viva la Blizzard!

Day 39

After you quitted your job, you should...

1. Get your reference letter (this should be before quitting)
2. Check if last months salary is correct (I got 22 days' worth)
3. Check if there's other money you should have recieved (like provident fund)
4. Go travel and relax!

Day 38

This is it. I have quitted my job.
Now I'm home, looking at my future.

What should I do?
What should I become?
Where should I go?
When will I do it?

Answering these question take some times.

Day 37

Eating Taro is fun but exhausting...

Day 36

I'm off to play games again.... I think I'm really addicted to it. Should I quit?

Day 35

I've been playing game Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. And it's great fun!
It's a single player RPG with huge game world, great storyline, and great graphic.

My graphic card couldn't handle it though...(Radeon 9100 series)

Day 34

I've just handed in my resignation letter today, but it will be effective on 22 May 2006. It's weird because I didn't feel anything changed. Maybe it haven't sunk in yet.

Day 33

Do you work for money only, or do you also enjoy your job?

I first enjoy it, but now it's only for the money. Hopefully this will change soon....because I'll be looking for a new job!

Day 32

Need to recharge myself.....

Day 31

1 Month from Songkran Resolution

I had:
- Travel to Singapore
- Find out a little bit about myself
- still blog (almost) everyday!
- becoming independent

overall, good progress!

Day 30

Half Way There...

Day 29

Is Every Programmer a nocturnal person?
- Some get work done only at night
- Some must also have a beer first
- Some boost productivity by playing games

What kind of things you do to help boost your productivity?

Day 28

The future of game is here!

Wii: the new game console from Nintendo!

The internet is buzzing with this name -- What is it, actually? Here.

E3 2006 Nintendo Press Conference about "Wii".

Day 27

[manga] AirGear's #12 issue is out!

Day 26

Someone told me that it's not hard to make a decision right on the spot, even tough decisions.
Because, in reality, there are no tough decisions, it's only that you can't accept what you have decided.

Day 25

I feel little ashame when looking at someone else's blog. They're sooo much better than my ramblings..

Day 24

Came Back to Bangkok.Got told by a pilot when the plane landed:
We seem to be getting traffic jams, we are waiting 2 planes in front of us to clear the path. Sorry for your inconvenience..

LOL. Even the planes got stuck. I love Bangkok.

Day 23

I bought a postsecret book. So Happy!

Day 22

I am now at Singapore.

I just went here by myself, alone! I also planned my whole trip with no help too, isn't that amazing?

I never did something like this before. There were always someone to help me through everything. sometimes I think I can never grow up.

But this time, When I did everything myself, it really helped boost my confidence that I can do what I want to do.

It's so liberating to think that you can do anything you want now, by yourself.

Day 21

Beneath this mask there is more than flesh. Beneath this mask there is an idea, Mr. Creedy, and ideas are bulletproof.

Day 20

Do you know how to use To:,CC:, and BCC: in e-mail?
I just found out today and it makes one little gear in my head went click. So, for those who're as clueless as me, here's the explanation.

Day 19

LMAO! That just made my day!

Day 18

The thing that hurt us the most are indecisions.

Day 17

I have a weird life cycle nowaday -- sleep at 2-3 AM. , then wake up at 8 AM to eat breakfast, and then sleep again to finally get up at 1 PM.

Wash , Rinse , Repeat.

I think I'm actually a nocturnal creature.