Physical Check

Well, today I woke up groggily at 6.30 a.m. in order to do a physical check at the hospital.

Why so early? Because when you need to give a blood sample, you can't eat or drink for 10/12 hours before that, and I get really hungry after 8 a.m., so it would be ideal to get this done fast.

the physical check program that I took is quite thorough, not only they check for normal things like blood pressure or a heart rate, there were also EKG, dental health, Hepatitis B virus, etc.

The hardest part about this, for me, is definitely the urine sample. this was arguable the hardest leak I ever took in my entire life. No kidding.

It started when they gave you the cup to fill your...liquid with, and then I headed to the bedroom. well, after standing there and trying to do it for 10 minutes, you will feel very silly. Question -- they prohibited you to drink any water for 12 hours, and then expect you to get it out more?

To make a long story short (no pun intended), it took me almost and hour to fill the cup, luckily I ask them to take the blood sample first, so I can drink more water -- make the process faster!

And after all assortments of test, 3 hours later, I got my result. Everything is normal, except my cholesterol is a little bit high. Me? I rarely eat anything oily. it must be genetics.