Another Cross-road in Life

After working for 2 years since graduation, I thought that I have accumulated enough working experience and office politics. I began to realize that being a code monkey (programmer) is not what I want to do for the rest of my life. I want to explore other fields or careers. I also want to work abroad.

After some consideration, I thought that studying abroad would be my best chance. I get to see the world, which I wanted to do since I was a child, and the degree would make career change easier. It also enables me to work abroad.

So in order to do that, I resigned and started preparing for Graduate School.

However, choosing what to study has been more difficult that I expected. I know that I don't want to be JUST a programmer, but I don't know much about anything else. I also had dismal grades from my undergraduate adventures, but I decide that they will not limit my options.

Because of the high cost of Graduate Education, I take the decision very seriously. I asked myself what are the important criterias in choosing the field (that leads to a career), and came up with these 4 :

1. Interest - This is the most important values. I love challenges. I like the field that have a lot of them. I believe I can do any job in any field, but to do something for life, I must love doing it.

2. Environment - I cherish independence more than anything. The sheer thought of someone controlling me would destroy my productivity. Also, I like to be with smart people because they always have interesting things to say. (and also remind me how stupid I am)

3. Money (Family) - I want to earn at least enough money to feed my family. By feeding, I mean capable of supporting an upper middle-class family. I don't have an urge to have a big house or a fancy car, but in term of important things such as education, I want my family to have only the best.

4. Altruism - Lastly, I work for something that benefits mankind. No, I didn't mean it in a grand and dramatic way, but in a much smaller scale -- like having a shop in the neighbourhood so that people can buy stuff easier, or making a product that people can use.

Some of you might think that this is more like choosing a job than choosing a field, but I think they are all related. Some jobs are available in all fields, but some jobs aren't. Hence, we must find out what we like to do, in a particular field.

At the moment, I can picture myself doing these jobs: International Economist ( Economics), Financial Engineer (Finance), Software Architect (Computer Science), Psychologist (Psychology), Consultant (various fields), Researcher (various field), and Business Owner (MBA?)

I am very confused for the time being. I will definitely write up a new blog entry when I made up my mind.

Hell, I might be all of this combined -- An Owner of business which does research and give advices about International Financial Products (derivative securities) modeling. Hahahahahaa!


    Sounds great :)

    Hi, it's me again :)

    I don't know why you want to work aboard but I also dreamt of it. Most of our friends thought I can get more money than working in Thailand. It's true, but it's not my major reason. I think I like to be here because -- first, this is a chance for me to grow up. Yeah.. grow up..., and second, this is a job I was only dreaming of. Why should I let it go when I got an opportunity to do it? After 6 months in working Singapore, I think I'm stronger now. I can do whatever thing I want... And I know I am good enough :)

    Working in Thailand provided my very limited perspectives. Now I realized what foreigners concern about Thailand. To tell you the truth, even thogh how much effort the government try to make better Thailand image, most(but not all) foreigners here still think we are an 3rd world country with great deal of sex trade, good food, and nice cheap goods to expense.

    Do I enjoy living here? Yes, I like to be here. As I once told you, as long as I can still keep in touch with eveyrone I love and care, I can be in anywhere in the world.

    Should I go to India??
    Hmmm... think again... maybe not :P