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Recently, Michael Moore released "Sicko" -- a documentary examining the state of American health care system. Moore has obviously favored Universal Health care (or Socialized health care, and vehemently promoted it in his film.

Anyone who saw this film will see that Moore picked the worst problems in US health care and masterfully showed it to the audience. On the other hand, he portrayed Socialized health care system as a panacea of all problems. It went on so much that I would have described the system as "Utopian."

Now, I agree that US Health care system has a lot of problems. But so as the Socialized system.
Any reasonable person could see that the film was downplaying one system and trumpeting another. So it all boils down to which political agenda Moore is trying to push.

Nevertheless, the film will promote discussion and I like that.

What's really shocking me is diggers reaction to this issue in general. Here. Here. and Here.

Some diggers are at least rational and respectful, but most of them are... sickening.

Having know nothing, they proceed to digg down every opposing comments regardless of how well it was written.

In Contrast, the inanes but popular comments has a 30+ digg.
This observation confirms that most diggers are left-wing socialist. (and apple fanboy)

Finally, I wonder if most American people are the same. I hope not.
(most diggers are young (about 15-35), working in tech-related job, and support democrats)


    Very interesting article you wrote.

    I haven't seen this movie yet, but I can see how "sickening" some diggers are..

    Ps1. Gotta find this movie!
    Ps2. Wish you luck for you exam!