Stupid International

Today I didn't feel like doing any work, so I idly surfed the net and accidentally wandered into MENSA Spain Website. (MENSA is a high IQ society. To be a member, you must have IQ score higher than 98% of the population.)

It has a "mini IQ-test" there -- 16 questions, 8 minutes. Naturally, I took it to see if I'm the "elite" 2%. Here is the result:

Agradecemos el esfuerzo y tiempo empleados en realizar el test orientativo que hemos colocado en nuestro web.Su puntuación ha sido de 16 aciertos sobre 18 posibles. De ello deducimos que cuenta con posibilidades para entrar en Mensa.

Si está interesado formar parte de nuestra asociación, puede solicitar realizar el test preliminar o el test supervisado.

Si reside fuera de España lamentamos tener que informarle que, debido a los estatutos de Mensa Internacional, sólo estamos capacitados para realizar el test a residentes en España. Así pues, para entrar en Mensa deberá dirigirse a la página web de Mensa Internacional

Having no knowledge of the Spanish language. I plugged this glob of text in the google translator.

The result is.... illuminating.

We thank for the used effort and time in making the orientative test that we have placed in our Web. Its score has been of 16 successes on 18 possible ones. Of it we deduce that it counts on possibilities to enter Stupid.

If it is interested to comprise of our association, can solicit to make the preliminary test or the supervised test.

If it resides outside Spain we were sorry to have to inform to him that, due to the statutes of the Stupid International, we are only enabled to make the test to residents in Spain. Therefore, to enter Stupid Web of the Stupid International will have to go to the page
Now I know why so few people has joined MENSA in Spain.