My Life : Updated : From Thai to Illinois

I'm here at Illinois[Champaign] for 3 days now.
Trying to get accustom to the weather and other things.

Here's some pics from my journey.

May 15 4:00AM [BKK time], Arrived at Suvarnabhumi Airport.

Well actually, that's the only photo I got. throughout this trip, I was too excited to take a picture.
Let's move on.

May 15 6:00PM [BKK Time], Plane took off. it would land at Narita in another 6 hour. I sat next to a Thai and we had on a great conversation. He is actually a US citizen now and has been living in L.A. for 20 years. I learned a few things from him about living in the US.

May 15 1:40PM [Japan Time], Arrived at Narita Airport -- 20 minutes to change flight.
Because of the weather, I was delayed for 40 minutes. I thought I was not going to make it to the next flight. (Detroit)

May 15 2:00PM [Japan Time], Yes, of course I got there on time. I was happy that things were going well, not knowing the ordeal not far ahead -- the 11-hour flight.

May 15 1:00PM [Detroit Time], That 11 hour was pure hell. Imagine sitting still for 11 hours in poor lighting condition,with only 2 round of food and 2 glass of water to between those nightmare. Luckily, I sat next to a very very nice Japanese guy. Although he can barely speak English, we shared a lot of story and develop rapport. Believe it or not, I mainly used my rusty Japanese to communicate.

May 15 2:00PM [Detroit Time], I passed a US immigration check. It was an interesting experience. I wait in line for half an hour because of an indian family in front of me got a questionable Visa. When it was my turn, the policeman behind the counter was already grumpy. In fact, he was a Big fat grumpy black policeman with the name tag -- "Little John." Yup. Nice knowing ya.

May 15 4.00PM [Detroit Time], this was the time I should board my plane to Champaign, IL but some problem came up. Due to the lighting storm, my plane couldn't take off and my flight was cancelled. This was my worst nightmare, but it actually turned out quite well. There were a lot of people who booked this flight, so I went to talk to them and become good friends (1 Australian, 1 Singporean, and 2 Koreans.) The Airline apologized and booked us the following morning flight. After that, we went to hotel nearby and slept through the night.

May 16 8.30AM [Detroit Time], Finally got on the plane to Champaign. It's a little AirBus plane. It can only take 30 person at a time.

May 16 10.30AM [Detroit Time], Arrived at Champaign,IL! What a long journey... It's beautiful here, and also very cold. Anyhow, my life here at the US ... has begun.



    Glad to hear that you arrived safely.

    Post some pics! Post some pics!
    I really want to see some Champaign pics!

    Good boy!

    I didn't know you stopped at Detroit for a day. If you've told me earlier, we maybe able to meet up!

    Anyway, I'm glad you had a safe trip. :)