My Life: Updated

It has been 4 months since I last posted.
What did I do with all that time?

Jan - March : 3 Freelance Projects , Prepare for School and USA Visa stuff
April - May : Play games

Wow! That actually sums it up quite well.

Hmmm wish I would waste less time playing game (especially online games).


It's now an "8-day" countdown.

I'm flying. Away from home. Away from everything I got used to.

8 days from now, I would be half a globe away.

Kinda strange, it didn't feel so exciting anymore.

I heard someone said, " Everyone wants progress, but noone would like to change "
It's really true.

Wahhhhhh~ Does Anyone get homesick before they leave?


    Wish you luck!

    Wish you all the great success and happiness i the new environment.

    thank you very much for all the comments, I just have time to check on my blog after hectic 3 days after arriving on USA.