Game: Time Waster?

A second piece about time waster.
I'll keep it short this time because I'm lazy.

Is playing video game a time waster?
Mostly Yes. But sometimes, no. It depends.

Ultimately, it's our intention and our goal that decides what it is.
If you use the "playing game" activity to have fun with your family & friends,
that's not a time waster at all.
If you play games and learn something from them, then they could be called "educational tools."

Unfortunately, when we play purely for pleasure, that's when we play games for games' sake.
So just be careful, games are designed to be addictive. Some people become so addicted that they devote their life to playing games. (WOW Addicts for example)

That's it for today. But before I end this, let me share with you a very unique game. You can finish it in 5 minutes. I can't promise that it will be fun for you, but I assure that you will have a unique experience.

It's the game call "Passage." Download Here. Then unrar and play.


    Let's walk through the passage together