Back from Siggraph

I've been to SIGGRAPH'08 conference and I had a blast.

Many new things in computer graphic world. Many interesting people.

I had even shaked hand with one of the lead art designer from Blizzard.

More than that, going to Pixar night and watching "The Pixar Story" have changed my perspective about life (in a good way.)

We look at Pixar now and see a very successful company. Everybody wants to work at Pixar.
But you know what?

Pixar was almost got bankrupt many times and John Lasseter, the main guy behind Pixar, had been fired from the company he loved (Disney), just because the executives didn't like his work.

Success doesn't come easy, indeed.

I guess it all came down to perseverence. Just keep doing what you love. And I found that what I love to do is not exactly Finance. (Long story for another time)

Anyway, for any 3D artist/programmer/enthusiasts who has never been to SIGGRAPH,

just go.

It's worth it.

PS. random thought: people like playing The Sims or games like this because they feel like they're improve their life. And it's easy to measure with all the "money" and "happiness" stats.
(I love watching green bars go up too.)

What if we do this in real life? Putting huge chart/screen in front of you with the stats you desire, ex: money, fame, etc. Would it motivate you?