Changed World View

6 Years Old, Kindergarten:
Wheee! There so much to do and have fun in this world. I'm learning so fast!

10 Years Old, Elementary School:
Heh, this stuff is too easy, is there anything more to learn? I'm smart!

18 Years Old, High School:
Ohh, so many fields to go into, which one should I choose? I could learn all of these in 20 years anyway. I'm a genius!

22 Years Old, Finished Engineering Undergrads:
Man, All the subject in this fields... must have taken 30 years just to master them all. I'm not sure I can do this... it's boring... but I've got 150 IQ, that means I'm still a genius!

26 Years Old, Finished Master degree in Finance :
Wow... I don't think I could understand all of Finance even if I studied it all my life. Plus, I have found many people who are way smarter than me...

Future me, 2nd Master degree in CS: (hopefully)
This stuff is frigging deep! For all these years, I haven't even scratch the surface ... I'm such an arrogant idiot ! Hopefully I could master one subject in the field when I retired.


    You begin talking to yourself finally.

    Sometimes it's better to gain new experiences. Don't be regret for what you did in the past... let them be the part of you experience na. You will never know where this journey is gonna end so keep searching!

    Fight Fight na ^___^