Daily Routine Phase #1

This is the daily routine I wish to establish

- Exercise (everyday except Sunday) (Phase #1)
- Writing (this blog) (Phase #1)
- Language Study (write/speak/read/listen for 1 hour or equivalent) (Phase #2)
- Drawing (at least 1 page/day or equivalent) (Phase #2)
- Music (Phase #3)

Each phase is about 2 weeks, and then I will move to the next phase, which means more things to do.

During every phase, I will experiment with the workload until I am satisfied with the result. So you can be sure that, almost all of the goal I have written above will either be added, modify, or completely changed.

I will record some results here on this blog if I have time...

- Exercise - Body-for-LIFE day 2/84 - aerobic 20 min (bike) - MaxHR=151, AvgHR=126
- Writing - done (hmm...maybe this line isn't needed.)

PS. I am going to Phuket for 3 days so the next blog will be on 4/6/2004..

Link of the day: Joel on Software - Blog about programming --funny, insightful, multilingual!



    Wow what an organized life you have with all these phases to keep up with! I hope you're enjoying your time hehehe.... I dont have anything planned out like u... I juz keep working and living day by day. When you have time, come visit www.xanga.com/acongal

    talk to u later~