Tired but fun!

My first day at work was spent installing Window 2000 server on NEC notebook and IBM desktop. The IBM one was easy, on the other hand, that NEC was a nightmare.

How can you get the notebook hardwares' drivers when it's stored unaccessibly in the "complete" system restore CD? I don't know, 'cause I can't.

It seems as if the makers don't want you to upgrade anything, just be happy of what you get. Yes, the one-click-then-we-set-it-all-for-you-CD is great for an average user. But can't they allow some options for the more advanced user?

Nevermind me, I just want to share the fun ..

oh, I just found an INSANELY HILARIOUS (or hilariously insane) link for today..

Humans and higher primates share approximately 97% of their DNA in common. Recent research in primate programming suggests computing is a task that most higher primates can easily perform. Visual Basic 6.0™ was the preferred IDE for the majority of experiment primate subjects.
Link of the day: Primate Programming(tm)Inc.