On lack of updating..

I have done some calculations today. I have (in average) 4 hours as my freetime in a workday. 1 hour is quality time with my girlfriend. 1 hour for my daily routine. 1 hour for my daily contemplation and future planning. last 1 hour to play game..( a lot of them) .

The task of writing update to this blog falls into 1 hour of daily routine. Yes, I hope to write it everyday to improve my english writing prose, yet at times I found it very hard to write anything down.

To sum it up, I have 15 minutes to update the blog. I mean, the complete ,revised ,well-thought content too. Am I dreaming to high? or is it achievable through practices?

It's reasonable enough to give this a try.

p.s. maybe I have to think what to write during the day, that'll surely save time!