Reading fallacy.

I love reading. Absolutely.

It began when I was young, by my family's encouragement. I thought being a bookworm was very cool. (still is, especially if you read heavy, difficult textbooks.)

Then, when elementry story-telling books didn't satisfied me anymore ( I stopped being the center of attention) , I moved to english novels. Easy ones at first, then to my father's hard ones.
Later at highschool, I began to read physics textbooks. Every kinds of textbook, actually. Surprisingly, my grade didn't sour. never the less, it was in a good range. ( about A- ) I expected that College was where my genius would really shine. ( assumption: the more you read = the smarter you are)

As a result, my overall grade dropped to C+.

And then fast-forward to the present day, I finished College, got my first job , and now just realised...

That all I do is read.

What's severely needed to combine with reading is... thinking.
And it became clear to me what a fool I was, believing that I was so smart, a genius.

Now, I feel humbled. Strangely, it felt much better being a fool, because you don't have to show others how smart you are.

Yes, from now on, Read and Think.

Or at least Think, simpleblob.


    You're right!!
    I don't even think about it.

    Reading>>Thinking>>Deeply Understanding

    WOW, this is the great way to enrich my knowledge.