The Book blows me away!

The Book, Basic Economics by Thomas Sowell, is now listed in my 20 most favorite books of all time Hall of Fame.

Man, this is the second "text"book that read just like a novel. Most impressive.

At first sight (literally), I didn't like it much because, flipping through it, I found no picture at all and I hate that. I dislike any picture-less book. But after carefully reading it, it was shock full of amazing example! I know much more economics after reading this book for 1 day than sitting through an entire engineering economy class for 1 term.

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What is astounding about Sowell is how his mind appears to be free of the constraints of time, culture and borders. To him the world is one timeless and seamless swirl that is relatively ordered and predictable when you apply the principles of supply and demand. Every thought is supported with a cascade of facts and such impenetrable logic that it can hurt your head. He can speak on virtually any topic with resounding authority. At one moment he can discuss the northern migration of the present day Ibo of Nigeria, shift to the Roman occupation of Britain, then describe the effects of the Gulf Stream on Northern Europe's climate, and then explain how the volume of water in the African Zaire river impacts the region's cultural growth. He does this with amazing fluidity and ease. If the mark of genius is the ability to simplify complex information then Sowell easily stands as one of America's greatest thinkers.