is your friend!

Today I was checking out all those audio CDs package that is suppposed to help you learn the language better (In my case, Japanese), and There's so many publishers(brands?) to choose from.(The best one is, of course, Pimsleur's, but sadly Kinokuniya{book store} doesn't have it.)

After having searched helplessly for half an hour, I decided to go to nearby internet cafe and fired up's website.

I typed in the search box...

"search: 'learn japanese' ", too broad..
"search: 'learn japanese audio' " comes up..

From the seach result, I found a couple of publishers that I recognized.Yes! I immediately clicked on the links. Loads of reviews popped up.( because I clicked on like 5-6 places!)

I read them all, and after some careful thought, I chose the one that got the best reviews.

All of this took 20 minutes.

After that, I went in the book store again, pick the one I have chosen, proceed to the counter, paid for the package(25$), and went home happily.

What I want to tell you is that, if I didn't consult the reviews first, I would have chosen the cheapest one, and that would be a big mistake. I think the's reviewing system is very useful for the consumers. However, you should look out for false reviews that's written by the makers of the product themselves. Fortunately, they're quite easy to spot.

Well, I have nothing else to say now, except just try it out yourself and see if it works for you. Goodluck!

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