Treasure Island

That's right, today I went to see a college play named "Treasure Island" by Architecture design faculty.It's weird but it's a tradition of my college.The play is hosted annually and usually everyone in the faculty participate in some ways.Although the ticket is quite cheap,the performance is always spectacular.

Treasure Island is the story of 2 pirates --Captain Kidd and Captain Long John Silver.Silver had discovered a map that will leads to legendary treasure,but he messed up and Kidd got the map by accident,so Silver tried every way to get it back.It's a long story with a little twist at the end,but the most important thing wasn't the story---it's the joke.

Most jokes were jokes about the current news and politic (,and silly joke!).But there were some original ones (which are hilarious).All in all the play was a success. Everyone went home happily,with silly jokes and the play's souvenirs.

I got back home around almost midnight so I'm a bit sleepy right now.It's time to log-off I think.Will write again tomorrow...

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