My site is nearly done!

Yessss it's cooked alright!(pun intended{so hot here}) I just got the phpBB forum.. Muhahahaaa I never know the evil power of the Forum Admin until now! yeahhhh~ (sadly My forum have no member yet...::cry::)

Ok,(composed myself). I know it's not that exciting to someone else, but for me, I'm really proud of what I accomplished here.Partly because it's my first real website (I don't count my geocities,because it's rather..unreal), and because I didn't have to pay a dime for hosting! (well,maybe I would later)

I would like to recommend you these free webhosts that let me host my site.They're good!
- - 75Mb Free Storage, SSI PHP CGI enabled, FTP access
- - 20 MB Free, PHP CGI enabled, FTP access, 1 MySQL DB, Cpanel, Fantastico
- - Free phpBB forums! I really dig this!

Link of the day: OMG!!! simpleblob's Forum?!?!