Paint away!

My Paint BBS is usable now.
It's located Here.
And also,there's a nice tutorial Here in case you need help.

Finally it is 100% complete, my website that is.

It's now time to move on to other things, like downloading pr0n...well,I already have more than enough of those, actually! So then, I think my new project is going to be-----

Improving my health!

Since the last 4 years, my health has been deteriorating continously. Many factor has contributed to this, such as lost of sleep, unhealthy diet, and lack of exercises (I used to play basketball almost everyday).I also got a chronic symptom of Cygnus(--unbearable headache +plus+ throwing up). I feel myself getting weaker and weaker day by day..

I have promised to myself (to improve my health) many times. And every time I break down, stop doing exercise and lose control. Every time this happened, I felt very guilty.

Not this time.

I promise to you that I will start slow but keep pushing,and I will keep a log here of my progress. My goal is "To have excellent health, and consistently improve it further"
(and also to bulk up into Edward Norton in American History X )

Link of the day: - Great Japanese Artist community
*Oekaki = O(polite prefix) + eh(picture) + kaki(to draw)