Learning Japanese? you say?

After leaving my japanese skill to rust 6 months ago, I'm trying to pick it up again. This time I'm armed with Pimsleur's audio CDs ,and many textbooks I've collected.

I hope I could at least get to the intermediate level this time.
This is my Goal for learning Japanese:
1.I want to watch anime without subtitle!
2.I want to know what Hikaru Yutada is singing about!
3.I want to become a Japanese superstar! (*caution: harzardous dreamy mode ON*)

hmmm,do you think I can accomplish all these within 6 months? ...We will see..

Health Log:

3.15 Stationary Bicycling (20 min)(MaxHR = 131)(AvgHR = 120)


Link of the day: So You Want To Learn Japanese..