Sunday..I miss all the white fluffs...

The weather changed abruptly from yesterday (cool and cloudy). There is almost no cloud in sight, and all the dazzling light hurt my eye.

Maybe this is the reason I like raining days. The light is minimal so My eye doesn't hurt. Another reason is that it's so moist, cool, and so romantic. When it rains, I just love sitting behind a window and gazing out -- such a relaxing time.

But there's an exception, which is When I have to go out and it's storming! What can I say -- I hate getting wet (especially with all the mud). So, I usually stay at home in the raining season. Lonely? nahh...I stock all the games I want, play 8 hours straight daily, and become the happiest man in the world. Woot!

Health log:

8.00 Stretch


Link of the day: Pencil Carving - A rare but beautiful handicraft work.